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Field Services

We offer comprehensive field services to ensure you can rely on your standby power systems, both nationwide and globally:

  • Battery Performance Testing – The IEEE recommends periodic testing of standby batteries to determine their state of health. With our proprietary load banks we can easily test large capacity batteries, even 4,000Ah products.

  • DC Power Systems Evaluations – We offer comprehensive dc systems evaluations that include battery chargers & rectifiers, critical power alarms, and distribution load testing.

  • Infrared Thermography – Our technicians are trained and certified to use high-end infrared cameras to find issues such as imbalanced loads, faulty connections, and overloaded equipment.

  • Integrated Electrical System Testing – A complete and thorough test of your electrical system – generators, transfer switches, batteries – will give you confidence in your standby power systems.


Lab Services

Our world class lab offers independent product approval and analysis services:

  • Product Approval – Before you deploy a recently developed product, our test lab can verify that it meets your specifications. We offer testing for a variety of products, including batteries, ac-to-dc power plants, dc-to-dc converters, inverters, and other power conversion equipment.  We’ll work with the manufacturer to make sure they provide a product that fits your needs.

  • Tear-down & Failure Analysis – Batteries fail.  When they do, the cause may not be obvious.  If you’re worried about failure due to manufacturing defects and how it may affect your install base, we can tear the batteries down and provide a failure analysis.  We’ve worked with several manufacturers in the past to find the root cause of failures.

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